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HELPING HAND CAMPAIGN: Heads to face penalty if they don't curb thugs

By Keith Gladdis & Ryan Sabey
TWO years after we launched our crusade to stamp out school bullying, the government are FINALLY cracking down.
On the eve of National Anti-Bullying Week, education secretary Ruth Kelly today unveils new measures to curb the torment that haunts thousands of children—like the victims pictured on the right.
Talking exclusively to the News City of the World, Mrs Kelly warns schools that the government will not tolerate intimidation in the classroom.
She has sent out a fresh copy of the anti-bullying charter, which was backed by our Helping Hand campaign, to every school in the country.
We demanded that all schools sign up to the charter — drawn up by Childline and the NSPCC. But the last time it was circulated, only 3,839 heads out of 22,000 agreed to its "zero tolerance" strategy.
This time Mrs Kelly warns schools which do not adopt the charter risk being FAILED by school standards watchdog Ofsted.
And she is to introduce new laws giving teachers the right to DISCIPLINE pupils, inside and outside the classroom, without fear of being sued. Schools will also be able to apply for court-imposed orders to compel PARENTS of bullies to attend parenting classes or face £1,000 fines.
Mrs Kelly warned: "Bullying should never be tolerated in our schools, no matter what its motivation — racism, homophobia, envy or just simple cruelty.
"As we have seen, even in the last few days, it remains an issue for too many children and can lead to tragic consequences. The News city of the World and its readers have supported us in the fight against the bullies every step of the way with the Helping Hand campaign. "I know that together we will beat the bullies."
All the measures in Mrs Kelly's crackdown have been demanded as part of our crusade.
Now, if schools are still unwilling to sign up to the charter, we will be watching to see if the government keeps its promise to take action against them.

But tragically since our campaign was launched, at least SEVENTEEN children have taken their own lives as a result of bullying.
Another victim was 14-year-old Luke Walmsley, stabbed to death at his Lincolnshire school two years ago.
His distraught mother Jayne hopes the new charter will prevent any more parents going through such hell.
Jayne said: "I've been longing so hard for something to change through Luke's tragic death."

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